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Sagecrest Hospital of Grapevine is a specialty hospital dedicated to caring for critically ill and medically complex patients. Our facility consists of 60 private rooms, including a 12-bed intensive care unit. We focus on producing optimal outcomes for our patients through compassionate, specialized care provided by a truly interdisciplinary and experienced medical team.

Our Programs


Cardiopulmonary Disorders

Sagecrest Hospital licensed as a Long-term Acute Care hospital and accredited by the Joint Commission offers intense transitional care during your journey to recovery and wellness. Sagecrest provides multiple services including a 12-bed intensive unit which provides 24/7 Cardiac and pulmonary monitoring.

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Ventilator Management and Weaning Protocols

Our hospital specializes in the treatment of medically complex ventilator- dependent patients. Long-term Acute Care facilities have the skills and expertise to meet these challenging goals. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, early intervention and early mobility our weaning protocols have been proven to achieve weaning success rates that result in transition to home or the next level of care.

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Medically Complex

Conditions having multiple system involvement requiring ongoing assessment and medical intervention. This may include vascular disorders, diabetes management, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, pulmonary edema, renal insufficiency requiring medical management and/or dialysis, infections requiring IV antibiotics, post-operative surgical complications, and extensive wound care.

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Neurological and Musculoskeletal

Sagecrest provides care and treatment plans for traumatic brain disorders including strokes and spinal cord injuries. Injuries and disorders such as fractures, degenerative disease, joint replacements, amputations, and trauma require early intervention to promote optimum recovery. These disorders are usually complicated by medical instability or deconditioning following a lengthy illness or surgery. Early and on-going rehabilitation is critical to safety and promotes healing and wellness. Therapy staff will evaluate every patient to promote strengthening, mobility, and range of motion.

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Specialized Wound Care

Complex and nonhealing wounds can often become infected and lead to serious risks to health and well-being. As with any chronic disease process, a wound, regardless of its cause, such as diabetic neuropathy, surgical wounds , pressure ulcers, and Arterial and Venus stasis ulcers, requires intervention by specialized wound care physicians and often infection disease doctors. Other healthcare disciplines may be needed to treat the many conditions and individual aliments that may impact or delay wound healing for example Diabetic management.

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The Sagecrest

We pride ourselves on working together as a close-knit family to provide tailored care and support for each of our patients. Our low nurse-to-patient ratio offers a focused, personalized environment that results in better outcomes.

Combined with ready access to all the same medical resources of a large hospital - such as in-house dialysis, radiology, and lab - Sagecrest Hospital of Grapevine provides a seamless continuum of care for optimal healing.

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Our Clinical Team

Internal Med

Acute care patients deserve early and confident intervention for the best possible recovery. Sagecrest Hospital’s clinical programs include a high intensity of rehabilitation therapies coupled with an interdisciplinary team approach to the patient’s unique needs. Each patient’s road to recovery is coordinated by a dedicated case manager; treatment plans are implemented by highly experienced board-certified physicians and specialists across a wide range of disciplines.

In addition to physician care, a patient’s team may also include: speech and occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, physical therapist, infectious disease specialist, clinical dietitian, pharmacist, and specialty nursing. At Sagecrest Hospital, we believe that an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to whole health truly optimizes physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery for every patient.

Devoted to Excellence

Our Mission is to provide superior, socially sensitive, and compassionate care for medically complex patients in partnership with local healthcare professionals.

Our Vision is to continuously improve our healthcare delivery system through creativity, innovation, technical excellence, and teamwork.


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