Sagecrest provides care and treatment plans for traumatic brain disorders including strokes and spinal cord injuries. Injuries and disorders such as fractures, degenerative disease, joint replacements, amputations, and trauma require early intervention to promote optimum recovery. These disorders are usually complicated by medical instability or deconditioning following a lengthy illness or surgery. Early and on-going rehabilitation is critical to safety and promotes healing and wellness. Therapy staff will evaluate every patient to promote strengthening, mobility, and range of motion.

After suffering a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury you may need continued care. Recovery may be a long journey and identifying the goals of care may be overwhelming to you and your family. A dedicated case manager and your interdisciplinary healthcare team begin identifying individual goals and discharge planning on admission. The transition to another level of care such as a rehabilitation hospital or home includes patient and family education, and on-going physical, occupational, and often speech therapy that prepares you and your family for the next step of your recovery.